We have a quick and simple solution for your blocked toilet problem. Simply give us a call and we will send someone to unblock it for you!

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Over the past 40 years, we have unblocked countless toilets in Sydney. We have fished out some of the weirdest things from people’s toilets… Tampons, wipes, condoms, tennis balls, plastic toys, underwear, deodorants and even some false teeth!

What we tell our customers is that we don’t care how you got that in your toilet – we are happy to do our job and get your toilet flushing again.

If your toilet has recently backed up, spilled over, won’t flush or you hear gurgling noises, we need to come and fix it before the problem gets worse!

A blocked toilet doesn’t unblock itself, it will only become more and more blocked creating more and more mess! Yes, the longer you wait, the more it will probably cost you.

Get your blocked toilet unblocked FAST
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We know how inconvenient and smelly a blocked toilet is for you. You can’t just ignore it! Even if you have more than one toilet in the house, remember that all the toilets run down the same pipes so if there is an obstruction in one toilet you might just have a bigger problem real soon!

We will get the job done fast because we’re trained to get in, fix the problem and get out. You don’t have to feel embarrassed about the smell or the mess or anything else. We are used to getting down and dirty to get the job done and be discrete throughout the process.

You have to get rid of the mess and smell that is only going to get worse. Most people don’t call us as soon as they hear the first sign of trouble like gurgling sounds or slow flushing. They give the plunger a go hoping the problem will go away, but “band-aid” solutions usually only make things worse.

We are experts at performing DRAINOSCOPIES, using cutting edge CCTV camera technology, that takes the guesswork out of determining sewer pipe problems. If your problem is an obstruction deep inside your pipes, we will show you know on a TV screen what’s inside so you will know exactly what we’ve done and what you’re paying for. Our clients really appreciate our integrity and full transparency.


Enough talking about your blocked toilet and let’s get down to business you have a blocked toilet that needs urgent attention so–

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