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    85% of blocked drains are caused by tree roots and if that’s the cause of your blockage we can fix it with no fuss and put our CCTV camera in your pipes to confirm it, then show you how to stop the roots growing back. If a bowling ball or a crocodile is causing your blockage we can fix that too.


    1 dripping tap can waste up to 2000 litres of water. That’s a big $ cost on your water bill. The longer you leave them dripping the more difficult they are to repair.


    A leak from your cistern into your loo is sometimes hard to see. It wastes water and will eventually stain your china toilet. Save our water supply and help the environment. Get that leaking toilet fixed today.

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    The Lone Drainer and Pronto offers emergency plumbing services, opens blocked drains, and tackles simple plumbing jobs including tap and toilet repairs.

    Owner David Conroy worked alongside his younger brother in the plumbing and electrical trade for seven years before riding out to establish The Lone Drainer and Pronto in 1989.

    We serve over 3,400 active, satisfied clients. Many have been with us from the start — over 20 years ago!

    Our clients include homeowners, real estate investors and agents, property managers, schools, medical, dental and veterinarian practices, restaurants and cafes, retail outlets, RSL and bowling clubs, mortgage companies, car dealerships, marine boating specialists, arborists, gardeners and florists.