Drainoscopy technology works for a shoe fit!

All plumbers know that apart from looking after our hands, our feet are equally as important. No feet, no action!

I was busy speaking to the smart Real estate property managers of Bondi Beach about the benefits of having a great plumbing team like The Lone Drainer and Pronto, look after their emergency plumbing repairs and the benefits of using Vaporooter for sewer tree root control.

As I walked down Gould street I came across The Running Company Bondi. The owner Chris Chapman had a smile as big as Bondi and it was only minutes before he had me on his treadmill, filming my walking/running gait with some simple, but powerful video tools.

Buying shoes from someone who actually knows about running shoes makes a huge difference. Chris’ advice was so professional and made so much sense. Chris had me on his treadmill in each different shoe I tried on, to check how my feet were landing with his video equipment. Buying running shoes from a shoe expert who is also a runner makes a lot of sense. Since a bad lower leg injury about 14 years ago, I have been suffering with knee and hip pain whenever I run. When Chris showed me the running analysis he uses I realized why.

As with advice on emergency plumbing repairs, if you’re wearing the wrong pair of trainers you could be setting yourself up for all sorts of problems in a few weeks, months or years from now. It seems most sales people at the big chain stores just don’t know this stuff, which is why it’s important to get checked now before you get injured. If you suffer from any sort of knee pain or shin splints when you run, or want to prevent future problems I highly recommend you spare an hour of your time and come along to meet Chris at The Running Company Bondi.

The importance of getting the right advice about plumbing repairs or your trainers is self evident. Oh, I made a decision about my new runners pretty quickly!

The drainoscopy camera survey makes it easier for our clients to also make an accurate decision about their plumbing problems!

4 responses to “Drainoscopy technology works for a shoe fit!”

  1. DiaOseal says:

    Hi guys,
    Just wanted to say thanks for looking after a referred client. We had a customer call seeking a local emergency plumber for a call out to Coogee. Fast pronto service with all plumbing requirements meet.
    We have since referred The Lone Drainer and Pronto and will continue to do for our Eastern suburbs emergency and real estate plumbing. Thank you!

  2. Ray Keefe says:

    Hi David,

    this applies to many different aspects of life. For instance, many Australian Electronics Manufacturers believe they can’t make their product in Australia and be world competitive. But that is only because no one has shown them how.

    This is one of the things we do for our clients where we show them that Low Cost Electronics Manufacture is possible in Australia if you go about it the right way.

    Thanks for posting such a great story

    Ray Keefe
    Successful Endeavours Pty Ltd
    Award Winning Electronics Design and Embedded Software Development

  3. Hi Lone Drainer and Pronto,

    Great post! I really like the relationship with what you do as a plumber and what I do as a jeweller. Looking after your hands is paramount…

    As a private jeweller I know that if anything should go wrong with my hands it will be lights out for me and what I do.

    Getting the right advice from the right professional is also one of the most important things you can do.

    Sam Kritsotakis

  4. Cary Fraser says:

    This is great vision . Not only that you as the Lone Drainer and Pronto use vision to check blocked drains, but you can see that using a camera can be used to check your gait for choosing runners. At Bay Dental and Orthodontics we also use vision to get a good result

    Dr Cary Fraser
    Bay Dental and Orthodontics