Prevention will reduce blocked drains.

Today it was a pleasure to meet “Dr Elliot”… This man is incredibly organised.

We were called to his home to run our drain cleaning equipment, the world-famous “Rattlesnake” high-pressure water drain cleaner, through his house drains, downstream to the sewer boundary trap at the rear of his property, adjacent to the swimming pool.

He has had blocked drains in the past and declared he didn’t want the inconvenience of a blocked sewer pipe during the upcoming holidays when his extended family would be visiting and his old sewer line would be put under pressure.

The thought of having his beautifully manicured garden dug up or even disturbed, inspired this house proud professional to maintain one of his homes main arteries – the plumbing.

He compared our house visit to check his blocked drains to a patient having a  health check with their Doctor, especially as we get a little older. Pipes and people!

Dr Elliott knew where all the access points to his drains were located, how to test his sewer and all the symptoms of a blocked drain. It was a pleasure to work with such a professional.

An ounce of prevention will keep your drains running. Oh, and if pain persists, see your Doctor.

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