Why you need a sewer diagram

As a plumbing professional, one of the handiest tools we can have is a sewer service diagram.
It’s a map of where the pipes run within your home.
It’s easily obtainable, and you can get it from Sydney Water, reputable plumbing suppliers and, even your local plumber can get it for you.
It’s simply an A4 sheet.
It has an outline of your home, your property.
It shows where all the pipes run within your home and how they connect to the sewer.
It will make it easier for your plumber to get into your sewer pipes to clear your blockage.
If you are planning a preventative maintenance program, it shows points of access where we can get into your pipes with a minimum of fuss.
In the long term it will save you money.
So if you have repeat problems with your sewer pipes, get a sewer diagram and keep it handy.

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