Storm drains overflow

We had another storm blast through Sydney this afternoon.

We were safely on a boat in Rushcutters Bay fitting the gas cooker as the 60 knot wind blew through.
Safe from the storm
The rain poured down with hail stones thrown in. The storm flooded all the local street drains and in some places the gutters were up to 400mm deep in stormwater.

Please check the grates and drains around your home and ensure that they are clear and running freely. The storms come quickly and can create lots of damage fast.

If you need help…… Call us!

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  1. Kyler Brown says:

    I’m glad that I read this post, especially because there is a drain near my home that frequently gets clogged. It usually pools up and does some damage to some of our lawns. It’s good know we can call someone next time we need help!

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