What if Waverley Council trees cause my Blocked Drain?

Did you know 85% of blocked drains are caused by tree roots?

Quite often the roots come from trees that line the streets in Waverley Council’s jurisdiction.

They can block drains and sometimes damage the sewer and stormwater pipes that take wastewater off your property.
Many homeowners hold Waverley Council responsible for their blockage and expect they will clear their blocked drains for free because they own the trees.

Well in some cases they do!
But, Waverley Council gets their income from you the ratepayer and as you would expect, they have guidelines for spending ratepayers money to fix your blocked drains.
If you have a Blocked drain and live in one of these suburbs managed by Waverley Council including Bondi, Bondi Beach, Bondi Junction, Bronte, Charing Cross, Clovelly, Dover Heights, North Bondi, Queens Park and Waverley
Click here to see the Waverley Council Sewerage Stormwater Drain Blockage Policy.

The top points are that you the homeowner

Must have a sewer service diagram for your building
Must maintain your sewer pipes.
Must prevent sewer blockages
Must prevent sewerage from escaping into the environment
May be entitled to the Council plumber clearing your blocked drain.

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