He aims, he shoots, he scores!

Today’s blog post is from Exponential Growth Strategist (http://www.ExponentialPrograms.com) Dr Marc Dussault (http://www.MarcDussault.com) who tells me that Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam setup a test with a fly printed at the bottom of the men’s urinals to ‘reduce’ spillage. From memory, the reduction was astonishing, 75%+ reduction. The reason it seems is that given a target, men can actually aim quite well…

Marc came across this version of the same principle in his native Montreal, Quebec at a local sports restaurant called La Cage Aux Sports (http://www.cage.ca/pointe-claire)…



La Cage Aux Sports Urinal


Schiphol Airport Urinal

Let’s face it – spillage or no spillage – this just looks like a lot of fun doesn’t it?


Psst! If you look closely at the floor – there’s no spillage!!!


One response to “He aims, he shoots, he scores!”

  1. The thing about going to the toilet in Europe is that they charge you to go to the toilet so you always need change or the ability to cross your legs VERY well 🙂 At a tennis exhibition match in Rotterdam (big stadium) you had to pay to go to the loo even though you had bought a ticket to watch the game – their excuse was that a separate company that looked after the maintenance of the “facilities” Give me a break!