My bathroom is flooding!

Pipes burst in peoples homes every day.
Knowing where your hot and cold water turn off could be the difference between having a few wet items under the kitchen sink and having a total flood.

Yesterday morning we had an urgent phone call for an emergency plumber with a difference.

Allan, the homeowner knew exactly where to turn off the water to his home unit.
A flexible connection under his bathroom vanity basin had burst.
Allan heard a “pop” then the sound of running water as it gushed out of his bathroom vanity basin onto the floor and out the door.

Fortunately, shutting off the water quickly kept the damage to a minimum.

We were able to rescue Allan and his family pronto.

We replaced the ruptured hot flexible connection and changed the corroded looking cold connection also.

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  1. Angel says:

    Cool Stuff. Thanks for sharing.

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